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Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Sara and I first met up back in October to start planning this shoot. I think it's safe to say that neither of knew what to expect. With baking, theres just so many things; process, ingredients, decorating, presentation, CRUMBS! We didn't really know where to start, but we both learned for the future how to go about large shoots like this! Here's what we created:

The day started with croissants, which looked and smelled delicious from start to finish.

Then it was time for Sara to start icing a cake. I actually LOVE the look of just the dirty icing.

The cake chilled for a while, then Sara really brought it to life using flowers from Fresh Flowers and Gifts in Medicine Hat, Alberta.100%, 10/10, would have this for a wedding cake.

Time for a classic! Chocolate Chip Cookies!!! But, with an adorable twist.

Wait, remember those croissants? Let's see those again.

Who doesn't love a good marshmallow? Especially in a HOT cup of Madhatter Coffee Roastery's Dark Sumatra brew.

This day was so much fun, but so so long! Next time, Sara and I know what to expect, and we'll be able to create even more magic!

"They are amazing. My business is going to look so much more professional than the average home based business. And you were so wonderful to work with. Thank you."

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