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Boudoir Info 101 | Calgary Boudoir Photographer | Studio NOVA Boudoir

Updated: Mar 6

Are you ready for an empowering boudoir photoshoot experience?

Welcome to Studio NOVA!

Whether you've had a glamour, pin up, erotica, or boudoir session elsewhere before, or this is your first time ever, here is everything you need to know about our studio, and what to expect!

First of all, Hi! I'm Tenille!Studio NOVA has been mu business since September 2015, and has always been about making my clients feel their best! Starting as makeup artist, then moving into boudoir photography, I provide both photo AND beauty services to my clients.

I am also a burlesque and strip dancer, giving me a better insight for my sex worker clients, who may book me as a photographer. I have had various roles in the sex industry since before starting my business, and it is close to my heart.

Why should you choose Studio NOVA?

Safety & Privacy are a priority!

As an experienced model and avid boudoir client myself, I understand what makes a photoshoot comfortable, safe, and enjoyable! Clients can expect a fully comfortable experience where:

  • There is always a place to change in private.

  • Clients fill out a booking form indicating exactly what they do/do not want out of the session (level of nudity, ect.)

  • By default, all images are private unless the client allows sharing online. Clients fill out a form incicating IF and HOW can can share your images.

Every inch of our studio is designed for YOU!

  • We provide a fully guided photo/video shoot experience. You will never need to worry about posing your body or face.

  • Our client closet is xs-5xl, on a large rack, so you can easily see everything was have, organized by colour. We also have shoe and accessory options. By using our lingerie, you can enjoy options you may not have access to, such as luxury brands!

  • All clients have access to our private, third floor, commercial 535SF studio. We do not shoot in a home space, avoiding pets, giving you a more luxurious experience.

  • Our downtown location is central, and easy to find, with great parking!

  • Studio can be made into anything; a Red Room (BDSM), a pole dance studio, a vintage bedroom, etc! The space features floor to ceiling windows, a functional tub, black, white and coloured backdrop options, retro checkered floors, and various props, furnishings and lighting options to create your perfect set!

  • Our space has been designed to create multiple looks in one photoshoot. Moody, light, and everything in between.

Photoshoots can take place outdoors, in your home, at a business, in a hotel, or anywhere we have permission to shoot! The studio is JUST an option! If you have a location in mind, we'd love to hear about it!

All Bodies Are Welcome! Studio NOVA cultivates an environment where clients can feel comfortable in their own bodies, and empowered by the art that they make!

What to Expect from A Session! Boudoir is a full-body experience, where both your mind and body are working at once! If this is your first time, you might feel a little nervous going into your session, and that's normal! The most important thing to remember, is we're here to give YOU an experience, and YOU are in full control of the session. Don't be nervous. We've seen all of the bits and pieces of the human body, and nothing can surprise us.

Many clients compare this experience to a "work out" or "yoga". Please come prepared to move your body.

  • Stretch. You'll be arching your back and extending your arms a lot,

  • Wear loose fitted clothing. Jeans/tight clothes could leave marks on your body, and make more work in editing.

  • Eat. Please! You won't look any different if you have a meal.

  • If you plan on having makeup done, arrive with a clean, bare, moisturized face. If you have to wear your makeup in, we do have remover.

  • If you plan on having hair done, arrive with a clean hair.

  • If you're doing your own hair and makeup, do what makes you feel best.

  • No need to get a tan, or do anything extra to yourself unless you WANT to!


  • Arriving late without notice

  • Arriving unprepared (still need to curl your hair, do makeup, etc.) as this cuts into our shoot time. Taking any time from your session to do your hair or makeup will result in less time to shoot images.

  • Bringing a guest if you have not given us a heads up first

  • Guests in the way. Guests, please do not interrupt the shoot by directing, suggesting poses, or getting physically in our way. Please watch through the windows, doors, or other side of the room, or at a distance, behind the photographer.

  • Smoking/Vapinge on the patio or in the studio.


Boudoir can be created from anything. Bring whatever you have in mind, and I'll work my magic, even if you bring NOTHING! Please bring a thin, easy to hide skin coloured, black, or white thong for wearing under client closet items. Some clients often forget items they find they need like:

  • tampons

  • lotion

  • lash/nail glue

  • hair brush

  • lipstick



It's best to give us as much of a heads up as possible if you wish to add any services to your session, as we may have a booking in addition to you during the day.

Additional services like polaroids, videos, and makeup may add time to your booking. We will always say yes if the schedule allows it! You may always add/upgrade packages if you wish to purchase more images or products.


Available in 8 or 16, discounted when added to any package!

Taken with a camera from the 70's, these instant print photos make a great gift or special keepsake. Images go home with you the day of your session, in a gift box.

You will also receive digital copies to download to any device.


Our Red Room is a set that we only prepare when requested, complete with a wall of BDSM props, red silk sheets, candles, and red mood lighting. Please request this set if you'd like to use it.


CALGARY STUDIO LOCATION: 1235 17th Ave. SW, Suite 304

Come in the front doors, up the elevator to the third floor. Down the hall, to your right, find to suite 304, and come right in. No need to knock. We are expecting you!


Please find street parking easiest on 11th or 12th Street, or down 17th Ave. There is paid parking out front, at select hours.

First we greet you at the door, and let you take off your shoes!

To start, I'll get you to lay out what you've brought to wear, as well as look at the client closet to decide on your looks.

We will discuss your session, as well as nude/implied shots, and decide if this is something you'd like to do.

You'll decide which look you're most comfortable in by having as much time as you need to try things on! You will have a private room to change and a rack to hang your items.

From there, if you've included makeup, we start with consulting about your desired look. This process takes about an 45min-1hour.


Add makeup and optional lashes to any service!


Once you're ready to shoot, I typically ask you to change into the outfit you feel most comfortable in. I save the spicy looks for last, as you're more comfortable posing by that point.

Change in a private room, take your time, and come out once you're comfortable!

Pole, boudoir and erotica are all guided.

First, tenth, or hundredth, time being photographed - it can sometimes prove to be difficult to know what to do while in front of a camera. I am here to help! Rather than feeling awkward, drawing blanks as to how to position both limbs and face, you are gently led through the experience by a professional-ME!

I clearly communicate instructions, with simple and concise language that anyone can understand and follow. More than that, I doesn’t just tell, I show, performing the pose for you while explaining it, ensuring that nothing is lost in translation, and making minor adjustments as needed. This way, the client feels confident that the image being created shows up as best as possible, and remains worry free about what they may look like. Guided posing eliminates any fear that one might not be capturing their best angles on camera due to anxiety, inexperience, or anything in between.

If you feel uncomfortable or don't like a pose for any reason, we won't do it. Simply say " I don't think I like that idea" and we will move on! We also take requests if there is something you'd like to try from our other images!

See more of our behind the scenes process here:

We will move around the entire 535SF studio, ensuring you have a mix of lighting, moods, and colours. If there is an area you don't want to shoot in, just say!

Sessions can also take place in one studio area if you wish.

As far as sexual content, we want to make your dreams come true. READ ABOUT EROTICA SESSIONS HERE!

Whatever that looks like to you, we will do our best to execute it! Just ask!

Do you have experience posing and working with a range of body types?

Yes, and no session will differ due to your body type. All clients are shot the same, with the exception of anything the client requests to include or not include.

Can I shoot 100% naked?

We will shoot clients however they request!


After we've shot your lingerie looks, I always ask if you'd like to do any nude, or implied nude (no visible nipples or bits) to finish your session. This is at your discretion. Lingerie is an obvious choice, but you don't need to that! Here are some options you might want to try:


Implied nude shots will include images of you either topless, or bottomless.

Bottomless shots are only posed when the crotch area is covered. Implied nude shots will include images of you either topless, or full nude, posed to hide your nipples and intimate areas.

Some clients wear bottoms, or nothing, and only pose when their areas are covered.


Semi-Full nude shots will include images of you semi or full nude-topless and bottomless.

We will shoot genitalia and full-chest. We cover the crotch area at your discretion.

Shooting erotica includes full genitalia, if you wish.


Clients will be given the option of using the client closet, and don't need to bring lingerie if they do not have any. This is why we ask that clients bring a thong to wear underneath, so it can remain hidden. We photoshop if it is seen in images.

We cannot guarantee what sizes will be readily available (laundry, previous clients, etc), but we have XS-5XL for available sizes!


You can expect a proof gallery usually within1 week following your session.

A proof gallery is a lightly touched-up sample gallery of your images before they've gone through the editing process. This gallery is sent to your email address.

From there, select your images to be fully edited using the 'heart' icon. You may select images to be fully edited. If you select too many, they can easily be un- favourited, or you may purchase additional images. Once you've reviewed images, tell me if I can share them online, or if you'd like them to be private by filling out an attached form.

Play with our sample gallery!

Final images are sent to you within 14 days of finalizing your images. Access the gallery, then use the included case-sensitive password and 4-digit PIN to download photos directly to your computer or device.

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