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Kaela gave me a tattoo the first time we met. The second time, she was in front of my camera! And look at that sweet face!

I LOVE her bright hair, all of her tattoos, but most of all, how hilarious and friendly she is!

Here's what Kaela had to say about her NOVA experience:

"I booked because I have a love/hate relationship with myself. The love part of myself is I'm obsessed with seeing pictures of myself. I knew from NOVA's Instagram that Tenille was going to be super chill and cool. I met her once beforehand and I really liked her energy! Plus her previous images were all GORGEOUS and I wanted to be a part of that."

"I was SO NERVOUS the first time, but to be honest, after like 5 minutes I felt so at home that it didn’t matter. My nerves disappeared so fast.

I felt so so so happy. I felt cute and impressed with myself. Not to get like sappy or anything but I felt mad empowered."

"The proofs got me so hyped, and the final images were to die for. The work and talent that goes into these photos is unmatched!"

"Such an easy process to book, a super comfortable process of shooting, and a mega speedy process or receiving proofs and final images! Website/galleries are very easy and straightforward to navigate."

Thanks for shooting AGAIN Kaela! See you soon!

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