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Today on the blog, we have miss Caitlin, a pug mom covered in bad-ass tattoos! The first time I met Caitlin was actually my first time shooting in Edmonton. We shot both portraits AND boudoir. Instantly, we got along. We laughed, joked around, and had so much fun that I've shot her almost every time since! She even got her boyfriend hooked!

My most memorable time with Caitlin was over this past summer in Edmonton. We just finished shooting a very sassy outdoor session, when it started to rain. The three of us (Captain the pug tagged along) ran back to her car, only to realize her keys were locked inside! After a rain-shower, a heart-to-heart, and watching some guy pry open her car door, we finally got into the vehicle, and went home! That's the day Caitlin went from client to friend!

I asked Caitlin about her first session with me, and here's what she had to say. Note, the bomb makeup is the creation of Faith from Beckett Beauty (

I'd always wanted to book boudoir, but wasn’t confident enough. I’d seen a friend had gone to Studio NOVA and I just was like f*** it I can do it.

I was so freaking scared, like no idea what to do and felt so weird but then it was so fun and relaxing and it kinda all fell into place.

I felt SO HOT like so confident it was insane. I didn’t realize I could or do look like that.

I'm beyond happy I still go back and look at all my pictures.

Booking was so easy!

Tenille always puts up with my annoying messages, asking how long 'cause I get too excited.

I'll see Caitlin again the next time I'm in Edmonton, and I can't wait for the magic I KNOW we'll create together!



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