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What our clients have to say about the NOVA experience.

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"You spent a a lot of time using language that really boosted my confidence and made me feel good about myself. I know you do that for a lot of women, and that’s very special. Women in general need that, but sex workers in a competitive environment need that even more. Thank you for that."

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Ruth & Blake

"It was mine and my spouses first boudoir photo shoot and Tenille made both of us feel so comfortable and relaxed,the photos turned our way better than we had hoped, it was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience, really looking forward to booking again in the future ☺️"


"First time shooting with Tenile and definitely not the last! She made me feel so incredibly comfortable and captured all my good angles! She’s so good at posing if you’re not sure what to do. Super happy with my experience at Nova studio! Cannot wait to shoot there again soon!!"

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"Working with Tenille was such a fun and natural experience. I was booked in for a bath tub shoot, and she was mindful of making sure the room was extra warm, that the water was actually warm and I was pleasantly surprised that I got access to some of the other sets too!! It was so energising and uplifting- I never once felt uncomfortable. I highly recommend this experience for anyone looking to reconnect with their bodies and themselves.

Every part of this experience has been professional, from receiving the proof gallery, which is password protected, to choosing the final photos- there was a mistake with one of the photos chosen (probably on my part) and she generously let me change the final picks again and even gave me the extra edit.

Thanks again for everything Tenille!! xx"


"Shooting with Studio Nova is an incredible experience! Her studio is the most unique in the city, she is so sweet and her photography and posing skills are AMAZING! Definitely one of the best boudoir photographers in the city, I highly recommend booking a shoot with Tenille!"

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"Tenille is an exceptional guide and photographer. She made the experience fun and open and warm, which was important to me since I've never had professional photos of any kind taken before. I felt at ease in her studio and would highly recommend Studio NOVA Boudoir. I will definitely be back!"


"Such a great experience, tenille helped me love parts of myself that I never thought I could. I definitely can’t wait to work with her again so much love and appreciation for what she does."



"Tenille is so incredibly patient, talented and creative. If you’re new to boudoir or looking for a photographer who makes you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin, look no further. Thank you so much Tenille! Can’t wait to work with you again in the future."


"I am so unbelievably impressed with everything you have done!!To say l am grateful is an understatement, l am absolutely blown away by your talent. I honestly loved everything about our shoot, you were quick to explain each position, make sure l understood and shot quickly! I LOVE THAT!!! I love that we were able to move so smoothly through all the outfit changes and the feedback along the way... l open my email to seeing these stunning photos that by the way... the shoot was Friday and the photo proofs are already provided to me by a Monday.. what more can l ask for!?!? I am just so so so grateful, thank you so much ⭐️5 review for sure!!!"



"One of few photographers and artists who just makes you feel so YOU. I cannot stress enough how wonderful Tenille is and how comfortable and beautiful she makes me feel everytime I have a session with her. there is a reason I keep coming back. What other artist puts themselves out there in the same way their clients do, while being friendly, welcoming, and open to people of all kinds. Do yourself a favour, and book in with Tenille, and then book again and again. You will not regret it."


"Tenille is 10/10 a professional at what she does. The studio itself is spacious and clean, versatile and easily arranged to make a variety of sets. If you are nervous about feeling like a total potato in a shoot I promise you Tenille will make you feel like a curly fry!! She gave me so much direction on ways to pose, what to do with my face, my hands, all of it, fixed my hair and garments as needed. I've worked with many amazing photographers but this is the only time I haven't felt like something I was doing was 'off' because of my face / body. The rack of size inclusive pieces for sale in the studio was the cherry on top ! Thanks for this experience."

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Tyler & Sam

"Studio Nova is more than just a photographer. She’s a safe place, she’s always assured comfort while also making art! From experienced to “this is my first boudoir”, she knows EXACTLY how to cater to any of your needs. If you’re a little quirky, she will match that energy aswell. I’ve never met a photographer like Studio Nova"


"I was the girl that kept saying “I HAVE to book with her when I loose xxx pounds, feel a bit more confident in myself ect...” Then one day I just said nah no more waiting or pushing myself aside, her photos of people all shapes and sizes are bomb AF, I’m gunna do it. So I did, and I regret absolutely nothing. She made me feel comfortable, I laughed, felt sexy, just had a great time and totally forgot any personal concerns or worries about my plus sized body during the session. Love her creativity and passion for people/photography/sex positivity!"

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