"Just received my finished photos and all I can say is wow! I am truly in love with them, I couldn't have pictured a better outcome. I was definitely nervous with this being my first ever photoshoot, but Tenille made the whole process super easy and fun! I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends who are interested in losing their boudoir virginity."


"Tenille is one of the warmest and most inviting photographers I have ever worked with. She is extremely talented and has done boudoir, headshots, couples, bridal and more with me and I could not be happier. Studio NOVA is extremely put-together and well organized, the pricing is reasonable and flexible which makes doing multiple shoots a year a possibility! You will not regret booking with Tenille, she is the best!"


"I’ve worked with Tenille several times over the past couple years. Her client closet has so many fabulous pieces. She always picks great locations to shoot. And she puts a lot of heart and soul into what she creates."


"My session with Tenille was absolutely amazing. I have shot with her years ago just helping her build her profile and in December she did my first boudoir session and it was more than anything I could’ve asked for. Tenille is definitely someone you need to shoot with because everything from quality of images to her personality. It is all so amazing!"


"I did my first ever boudoir shoot with Tenille a year ago and since then have also done a best friend shoot. She was amazingly supportive and made me feel comfortable the entire time. Tenille talks you through every pose and creates a nonjudgmental environment so you don’t have to worry about a thing! I was obsessed with the photos I received in the end and definitely recommend her."


"I've done multiple sessions with Tenille and every time I'm in awe of the final product, the way she poses me every time, her professionalism and overall her work integrity. Boudoir will never be the same unless I shoot with her only, that's the only way to guarantee amazing flawless results."


"Tenille is so incredibly patient, talented and creative. If you’re new to boudoir or looking for a photographer who makes you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin, look no further. Thank you so much Tenille! Can’t wait to work with you again in the future."


"Tenille is the best!! I have always been extremely happy with my photos and she is so good at making you feel comfortable and confident and SEXY during a shoot. I have a ton of fun working with her and managed to step a tiny bit further out of my comfort zone with each session I've done. Whether you're new or familiar with boudoir I cannot recommend NOVA enough!"


"Such an amazing experience to work with Tenille at Studio Nova! I can not recommend her enough! You won't be disappointed and you will leave feeling more confident and empowered then when you walked in!"


"Tenille is a very easy-going and chill photographer. I've booked with her twice and have been amazed by her talent and how good she made me feel in both shots. I highly recommend her for any kind of photography, but if you're looking for boudoir she's the queen!"


I had the absolute pleasure to work with Tenille last year and may I say she saw something in me that I had never known to be existed. Tenille & her team are the most warm hearted individuals who will go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and sexy in your own skin. When I was going through the worst years of my life, Tenille came into my life by providing me the opportunity to restore my confidence again. She is the reason why I used to model for so long and fell in love with the act in general. Everyone needs to book with studio nova ASAP because you will leave an entirely new, confident, boss babe after your session. Endlessly thankful for you T!"


"I had a very very good experience with Tenille. She knows her stuff, and her colour theory within the images is outstanding. I would 10/10 shoot with her again. Plus, I totally got sent to the wrong address & was so late for my session and she was so understanding."


Tenille is an absolute joy to have as a photographer. Her talent for creating gorgeous pictures, offering a comfortable space, and boosting confidence is unparalleled. I've done two shoots with her and I hope to do another. She is both open-minded and wonderfully creative, which is clearly expressed in the art she produces. Every time I look at the pictures, I not only have the wonderful experience to reflect on, but a reminder of how beautiful I am. For that I am eternally grateful and hope everyone can feel like this at some point. Thank you so very much Tenille!