Studio NOVA's Boudoir Guide-In Studio Sessions

Thank you for booking boudoir with NOVA! I'm so excited to have you in the NEW studio!

Here's your guide to shooting with me, Tenille! First of all, before you come to the studio, here's some thing I need you to do:

  1. Get hyped. Listen to some music you love while you drive/get ready. Sing along, and have a great day!

  2. Look around the internet for some poses you like. These can be from my images, or anywhere else. Inspiration is great!

  3. On Instagram, I have a highlight of Client Closet items. Check that out!

  4. Dress cozy. Tight clothes can leave marks on your skin, and it makes more work for me in post production.

  5. Don't be nervous. I've seen all of the bits and pieces of the female body, and nothing can surprise me. I'm going to be right up in your business, so just trust that you can be comfortable!

Before making your way to the studio, know that parking is free on Sundays, and other days after 6pm. Other than that, there will be paid parking. The building is locked weekends, and after 5 on week days. Don't panic! I'll meet you at the gate at the time if your booking.

What should I bring?

Whatever you want! No, really! Boudoir can be created from anything. Bring whatever you have in mind, and I'll work my magic. If you want specifics:

-matching sets

-loose t-shirts


-your S/O's shirt

Lingerie can be pricy, which is why I have a Client Closet for you to access (xs-xl). You can realistically show up empty-handed and we'll still be fine! I also have a small retail section, where i sell body chains, harnesses, and accessories for you to take home. Slut Club Apparel is also available.

How should I prepare my body?

I'm a huge believer in personal comfort. Only tan, shave and glam if you feel like doing it for your session. I've shot hairy body parts before, because it's what the client wanted. On the other hand, you can wax, shave, and get totally done up.

Makeup is available through Studio NOVA, using OKT Lashes.

Other Information

Sessions take about 30 minutes.

Makeup takes about 45 minutes.

You are welcome to bring a friend or S/O for comfort. Please let me know before you arrive if you are bringing somebody.

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