Since the session I have felt unstoppable.

There's a common misconception that boudoir is taboo, or that it's something women do for their boyfriends and husbands. That couldn't be further from the truth.

The power of boudoir goes a lot further than body positivity. While that's always a goal during each session, some sessions are booked for a deeper reason.

For the sake of my client's privacy, I'll be changing her name. Let's call this beauty Lucy.

Like most clients, I greeted Lucy, introduced her to my makeup artist, and because I wasn't shooting anyone else, I chatted with her while Joc did her makeup. I always ask people "What made you book this session?"

Typically, people answer with "for a gift", "to have fun", or even "to love myself." For the most part, it's lighthearted, but not for Lucy. Because when I asked Lucy why she booked her session, her response left me without anything to say. I didn't know what I should say. I mean, what's a girl to do when her client says "I lost my boyfriend over the summer."?

Lucy, who looks to be anywhere between 25 and 32, lost her boyfriend of 5 years last summer. No, I didn't ask how. What I did ask, was "but, why boudoir?"

She explained that her friends had encouraged her to book a session to boost her confidence. Now, I'm not saying this works for everyone. I'm not even saying this worked for Lucy. What I can say, is in a small way, I was able to help Lucy feel better in some way, and nothing matters more to me.

We sifted through her items, and my client closet. We shot a few things, but nothing made her glow quite like this blue set. It happens during every session-I watched her confidence come back the moment she stepped out wearing it.

Here's what she had to say about her NOVA session:

I booked a boudoir session to reignite my self confidence after some tragic life events. I was in a bad spot and my friends kept encouraging me to go for it. I choose NOVA for my session after following a number of boudoir photographers. Tenille’s work stood out by far. Not only is she an amazing photographer, but she is an artist. Watching her stories made me feel like she was a funny, welcoming and warm individual... I was right!

Going into my first session I was incredibly nervous. As the famous saying goes ‘I felt like a fish out of water!’ I almost didn’t show up!Ooooh my word! Since the session I have felt unstoppable. I think I walk differently! Tenille’s session made me accept and love the body I am in! I AM a fierce ass woman because of Tenille!! I didn’t believe it was my when I saw the proof gallery and final images! Tenille is so organized and the gallery is incredibly user friendly.I can’t say enough about Tenille. She is responsive, professional, fun, open and....I totally can’t wait to do it again! And again!!! ❤

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