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My Top 20 Fave Boudoir Sessions of 2020

I'm blessed to be able to shoot so many women. While 2020 was crazy (that's an understatement), I still had a blast with my angels!

Let's count down my favourite sessions of 2020, and what I loved about them so much! Every session was so different, and each babe really got to express herself!

#20. Jenn- Edmonton, Alberta

This babe has been in front of my lens many times, even in 2020! However, this session was special; her last one before getting a "mommy makeover". While she's not a mom, and admits to finding the term funny, Jenn got her makeover after working on her body for years! She hit her goal weight, with the exception of her skin on her tummy area. This was her last session to celebrate her body at this stage! She even brought a brides maid dress she wore before starting her journey. She is obviously on my top 20 list!

#19. Chelsea-Calgary, Alberta

Chelsea came to me for her first boudoir session in November, and made it to the list for wearing my favourite Client Closet item; MY BOOTS!

#18. Taylor-Medicine Hat, Alberta

This session made the list, because Taylor was my last client on Aberdeen Street. I miss this apartment so much, and still consider this place "home". The light danced on the walls every morning, and I lived next to my best friend.

The dancing light is all over this session, and couldn't be more perfect.

#17. Julia-Kelowna, British Columbia

I love this session because this was the first time I got the dancing light in my new studio on Pandosy Street. Not to mention, Julia is stunning, and her hair was so much fun to play with. She's wearing an Empress Mimi Piece from the Client Closet, which has blue embroidery. It's a favourite!

#16. Jocelyn-Medicine Hat, Alberta

At the beginning of quarantine, my bestie and neighbour were quarantine buddies and shot these for fun. The light is amazing.

#15. Taylor-Medicine Hat, Alberta

Her hair is what I loved most about her look, but Taylor is stunning with any hair. This angel did boudoir for this first time in January, but you'd never guess.

#14. Mary-Calgary, Alberta

I love the contrast of Mary's hair with the robe she selected from the Client Closet.

#13. Alexa-Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

My vert first time shooting in Saskatoon brought me this babe, who happens to be close with my best friend! This was our first time meeting. She was so bubbly and bright. Can't you tell?

#12. Angeline-Edmonton, Alberta

Anyone who brings pleaser shoes is a-okay in my books! But that's not the reason she's on the list. Angeline brought her a-game for this session, and pulled off some amazing poses, with the help of model coach, Katie, of OKT.

#11. Jocelyn-Calgary, Alberta

The light is perfect. Need I say more?

#10. Kat-Medicine Hat, Alberta

We shot this in Kat's business, The Kommon, a cafe and collaborative space in Downtown Medicine Hat. I'm in love with how she's decorated her space, and was so excited to have the opportunity to shoot in it. Kat is stunning inside and out.

#9. Amber-Calgary, Alberta

I have to say this space might be one of my favourites that I've ever shot in, and I got to combine that with a stunning client, in a stunning set from Empress Mimi Lingerie.

#8. Angela-Kelowna, British Columbia

Angela selected a set I made for Daisy & Duke Lingerie, and it looks PERFECT on her! We were able to try some new pose ideas, and I have to say, she's a complete natural.

#7. Azaria- Kelowna, British Columbia

"Is it so cliche if I wear the animal print?" Yes but DO IT! This lady was FIERCE and was a gem to shoot. We had a blast, and the sun even did its perfect thang.

#6. Amber- Calgary, Alberta

This was Amber's second session with me, and it has to be my favourite of our work together. I love how soft the light is, and as always, how much detail Amber puts into her look.

#5. Lola Lithium- Calgary, Alberta

I did not expect this fiery hair, and was so excited to see Lola's look! She was a trooper, and was cool with my sink idea.

#4. Amanda & Drew- Calgary, Alberta

Couples are sometimes shy for their session, but this was not one of those couples! Amanda and Drew were open to my pose ideas, and that made for the most magical session! The lighting is so perfect in these.

#3. Aysha- Calgary, Alberta

Seriously, how stunning is she? I have a major soft spot for shooting dark hair. I'm not sure why, but I just love dark hair in boudoir photos.

#2. Val- Calgary, Alberta

This set made the top two, because I love the light. Val's face is getting all of the glow from the sunset, and this is my favourite light to shoot in. When I lived in Calgary, this room was my favourite ti use for shooting.

#1. Lizzy- Kelowna, British Columbia

I shot this last week, and YES, it is my favourite session of 2020! Lizzy happened to pick some sets I love, and it's always a treat to end with some topless images.

Thanks to EVERYONE who booked in 2020. Your support meant more this year than ever before, and I'm so happy I still get to do this every day.

If you're interested in booking for 2021, things are changing! View the booking guide here!

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