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Losing Your Boudoir Virginity

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

"I was the girl that kept saying “I HAVE to book with her when I loose xxx pounds, feel a bit more confident in myself ect...” Then one day I just said nah no more waiting or pushing myself aside, her photos of people all shapes and sizes are bomb AF, I’m gunna do it. So I did, and I regret absolutely nothing. She made me feel comfortable, I laughed, felt sexy, just had a great time and totally forgot any personal concerns or worries about my plus sized body during the session. Love her creativity and passion for people/photography/sex positivity!" -Lauren, 2021 Boudoir Client

First of all, thanks for choosing me to take your Boudoir Virginity. I'm so excited!

You probably have a lot of questions, which I expected. Most of your questions are FAQ's for me, so figured I'd answer all of your questions in one place, while preparing you for your first session!

CAN I REALLY DO THIS?! Yes! Check out all of these first timers!

Who am I booking with?

Photo by Tiana Lang

I'm Tenille! A sex positive, inclusive boudoir photographer and makeup artist! I've been working in the beauty industry since 2013, and started to dabble in photography in 2015/16, when I was in college for art and design.

My art has always focused on the human body, mostly female. I study figure painting regularly watch documentaries on sex and the sex industry as a hobby, and even created a short film in college surrounding the idea of natural nudity in a non-sexual manner. The human body, to me, is both sexual, and non-sexual in nature, and I adore capturing both sides. My work is for enjoyment of the individuals in the images-not for anyone else.

The experience I have created with Studio NOVA is individual to each client, and is intended to fill so many purposes in their lives. While some clients are seasoned models and dancers, others are every-day people who have never been more vulnerable in front of a stranger, and are taking a huge leap!

Is my body ready?

Yes. Your body is ready now. I shoot boudoir as a way for my clients to appreciate their bodies for what they are. Sometimes we are not in fantastic relationships with our bodies, however, we can always learn to appreciate the changes life has brought, and is yet to bring.

If you want to 'hit the gym', go for it...after your session. You don't need to be in a specific shape to enjoy your session. Come as your are!

Tan lines, bruises, and other body marks:

Photoshop is a thing, but I only use it to take away TEMPORARY issues like sun burns, bruises, scrapes, etc. I've seen it all; long board crashes, bite marks on the inner thigh, a gnarly zit that JUST HAD TO POP UP BEFORE YOUR SESSION. Don't worry. I've got ya!

Photoshopping bodies:

The only photoshopping done to your body is minor blemish removal, and some colour correcting. I do not make anything "bigger" or "smaller" in any way, shape, or form. Scars are optional, depending on the clients wishes.

Can I still do this on my period?

Yes! Some people experience nausea, breakouts, or bloating as a side effect of their cycle, which may result in you wanting to plan your session around your cycle, however there is no reason you cannot shoot boudoir on your period, unless you feel uncomfortable doing so. Please plan around your cycle if you feel it will be an issue.

What should I wear?

Whatever you want! No, really! Boudoir can be created from anything. Bring whatever you have in mind, and I'll work my magic. Lingerie can be pricy, which is why I have a Client Closet for you to access (xs-4xl). You can realistically show up empty-handed and we'll still be fine!

Can I shoot 100% naked? We will shoot clients however they request. Some clients like to wear no top, while some want to wear nothing. We will shoot you implied (covering nipples and other bits), or fully nude at your discretion.

How should I prepare?

  • Wear loose fitted clothing. Jeans and tight clothes will leave marks on your body, and make more work.

  • STRETCH! You'll thank me later. Just do some simple warm ups, as poses can feel like doing yoga!

  • Eat. Please. You won't look any different if you have lunch, so please eat. Maybe avoid a huge, greasy meal to avoid bloating, but don't starve yourself!

  • If you plan on having makeup done, arrive with a bare, moisturized face. If you're doing your own hair and makeup, do what makes you feel best.

  • No need to get a tan, or do anything extra to yourself unless you WANT to!

  • Don't be nervous. I've seen all of the bits and pieces of the female body, and nothing can surprise me. I'm going to be right up in your business, so just trust that you can be comfortable!

How will the session go?

To start, I'll get you to lay out what you've brought to wear. We'll pick from that and the client closet to decide on your looks. You'll decide which look you're most comfortable in! After we've shot your looks, I always ask if you'd like to do any nude, or implied nude (no visible nipples or bits) to finish your session. This is at your discretion.

How do I pose?

I will guide you the entire way. I will be beside you, showing you what to do, and I'll continue to do so once you're in the pose. If you're getting the hang of it, I'll let you know. Typically, clients will get more comfortable as we go, and need less direction towards the end. If you feel uncomfortable in a pose, we won't do it. We also take requests if there is something you'd like to try.

How do you ensure I won’t look awkward in photos? My face or my body? We have years of experience, and have tricks to ensure you will look (and feel) comfortable in every image. Trust that we will speak up and guide you where we see fit! Our website is filled with every day women who were posed by us!

Do you have experience posing and working with a range of body types? Yes, and no session will differ due to your body type. All clients are shot the same, with the exception of anything the client requests to include or not include.

Can I add Polaroids or OKT Lashes at the last second?

Yes! I keep OKT Lashes and Polaroid film in stock. If you want even just one Polaroid, or a whole set, we can do that. I'm happy to help you get a pair of OKT Lashes on!

Can my friend/partner come with me? You may bring along one person if you wish! We want you to feel comfortable and will never say no. We do however, suggest bringing a friend rather than a partner, as we find this adds to the experience!

What have others said about their first time?

"I am now a firm believer that everyone should experience boudoir and to be guided by Tenille. She made me feel incredible and led me through the whole session, the photos are amazing and Tenille is the sweetest human it was so easy to get comfortable and have fun finding love for myself again."

"Such a great experience, Tenille helped me love parts of myself that I never thought I could. I definitely can’t wait to work with her again so much love and appreciation for what she does."

"Just received my finished photos and all I can say is wow! I am truly in love with them, I couldn't have pictured a better outcome. I was definitely nervous with this being my first ever photoshoot, but Tenille made the whole process super easy and fun! I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends who are interested in losing their boudoir virginity."

Studio NOVA is a boudoir studio located in Downtown Calgary, Alberta, owned by photographer Tenille Riechelmann.

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