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Mama's to be are among my favorite kind of clients! During a time where many women feel they have no control of their body, and experience rapid changes in body weight and appearance, boudoir is a great way for you to connect to yourself once again. Pregnancy is a special time in life, and those 9 months will go by fast.

I know some women LOVE being pregnant, while others hate the way they look. No matter how you feel about it, I promise you won't regret capturing that short time in your life.

I asked Kelsey about her session, and here's what she had to say!

I’ve always wanted to [shoot boudoir] but was never confident enough with my body. Doing a maternity boudoir shoot was a great place to start because I didn’t feel like I had to ‘suck it in’. Doing the shoot only elevated how beautiful I felt being pregnant. It was perfect timing when I came across NOVA. Doing a boudoir was on my mind and her page was reposted by a friend on Instagram. I fell in love with her other photos immediately. I preferred her shooting style over other companies I had looked at. I was a mix of nervous and excited.

I felt amazing! Any nervousness I had was short lived. Tenille made me feel so comfortable. I had a hard time choosing my photos. I loved them all! Booking was really easy. Tenille was quick to answer any questions, I know I had a lot lol. I got my images really quickly too. I can’t wait for my next shoot!

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