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Jessica has worked with me a few times now, and she's always a pleasure! Last time I saw her, Jocelyn did this gorgeous soft glam eye in silver, with a peach lip to compliment.

Here's what Jess had to say about her NOVA experience!

"I originally booked myself a session because I was in a severe depressive state. I was looking for things to do for myself and see myself in a different light. I continue doing boudoir because it's an amazing feeling, being sexy, and it brought me a lot of confidence."

"I had only ever shot boudoir with people I knew, but I wanted to branch out. I did a lot of research, and I saw NOVA's reviews. I was also looking for a woman photographer that was willing to show me poses and help me open up, which I saw a lot in NOVA's reviews."

"I was nervous, as I had never met Tenille! But I just kind of went in and got naked. The whole time I was comfortable, I felt sexy, and it felt professional."

"Leaving, I felt happy, relaxed, excited. I knew I would shoot with NOVA again. The photos are always beautiful. I'm always so excited to show literally any human being! I would obviously do it again also! And I also recommend Tenille to all my friends, because of the positive and professional experience I've had!"

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