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Jenn is someone I would call "iconic" when it comes to clients that changes the game for me. I've always been body positive, and open to shooting all people, or all shapes, sizes, ages (as long as its appropriate), and races. Saying that is one thing, but then having the opportunity to show that is so much different.

Jenn was the first client to book with me that shared a very real insecurity many people experience after weight loss-loose skin. So, when I was shooting Jenn, who booked boudoir, I didn't hide her stomach-I showcased it.

So many people tell me they want to wait to loose some weight before booking, or even think that they shouldn't do boudoir because they've lost weight, but now have loose skin. No matter where you are in your journey, there's no 'wrong' time to embrace your body. Let Jenn tell you abut it:


I lost a bunch of weight and struggled with feeling good in my new body because of all of the excess skin. I wanted to do something to show me a different perspective on my body and gain confidence again. I saw NOVA on Instagram and had a friend say she was doing makeup for a shoot with her, so I decided now was my chance. I was pretty nervous since the only person who sees me like that is my significant other.


"I felt extremely confident and so comfortable with the experience and definitely happy I did it. I was nervous waiting to receive the proofs, which didn't take long at all, but after seeing how amazing they looked without any editing at all, I was only excited to receive the final images."

"Booking was extremely easy & the process was very quick to receive the images. I have 3x since the first 😂!"

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