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Couples Erotica, Pornographic & Kink Photoshoot Guide | Calgary Boudoir Studio

Updated: Aug 1, 2023


LGBTQ+ Owned & Friendly

Commercial Boudoir Studio located in Downtown Calgary

Let's just be blunt-You're here because you're wondering if you and your partner can have sex or do kinky acts during a boudoir session. The answer is, yes, that is called an erotica or pornographic session, and there are guidelines when booking and shooting.

This adds another layer, more time and more clean up to sessions. For this reason, bookings are priced differently than couples boudoir bookings:


1.5 Hour Appointment

Pre-Shoot Consultation

Password protected online gallery


$1900....5 Minute Erotica/Pornographic Scene & 10 digital images

$1900..................................................................................20 digital images

$1500..............................................10 Minute Erotica/Pornographic Scene

$1050................................................5 Minute Erotica/Pornographic Scene

$1050...................................................................................10 digital images

Whether you've had an, erotica, or boudoir session elsewhere before, or this is your first time ever, here is everything you need to know about our studio, and what to expect when booking as a couple.

How do I get started with a booking?

First-both partners need to be equally as invested, interested, and of course consenting. Start by CONTACTING ME HERE, giving me as much information as you can about what you are looking for. You'll hear back from me soon, at which point we will schedule a call (video or phone) to discuss what you both want from the session.

Why do I do this? As an initial meeting, and as a way to gauge both partner's interest. I often have one partner reach out, only to learn that the other was not completely on the same page. Please make sure both you AND your partner are a part of this discussion.

What can you expect during an erotica session at Studio NOVA?

Now that we're past the initial booking phase, you will receive any info you need, prior to showing up at the studio.

Just like all sessions, once you two arrive, we greet you at the door, and let you take off your shoes! I'll get you to lay out what you've brought to wear, as well as look at the client closet to decide on your looks. Client closet items cannot be worn when there is risk of bodily fluids staining/sticking to items. You'll decide which look you're most comfortable in by having as much time as you need to try things on! You will have a private room to change and a rack to hang your items.

Going back to our initial conversation, I will make sure I understand your boundaries, you will make sure you understand mine, and I will guide you through everything we discussed.

Unless requested, I start couples in full lingerie, as well as a shirt and boxers for males. The goal is to have you get comfortable shooting, in simple, less revealing poses just until you feel more in the zone. Erotica sessions come with one outfit, as the idea is to move into full nude erotic posing.

A lot of couples seem to forget I am there, get really into the session, holding and caressing each-other until we are in the next pose. This is a very intimate experience for you and your partner. We will slowly work into more sexual posing, taking off items of clothing as needed.

You will kiss chests, hands, backs and legs. You will caress/hold your partner's breasts, shoulders, thighs, and butts. Poses are based on, for lack of a better explanation, sex and cuddling positions.

Once we move into nudity and anything sexual, I will continue to check in, make sure you are both comfortable and ensure we get the shots you requested.

Shooting penetration:

We only shoot mages of penetrating genitalia if you request images of genitalia. If you are not interested in genitalia images, we will not allow penetration in studio-we will only imply/get very close. Why not? As we move quickly, poses change every few seconds. Adding full penetration will add time and clean up to the session, which is why we only allow it when needed (such as you wanting images of penetrating genitalia).

Like solo boudoir, you are in charge, and decide how the session looks. From all clothes in lingerie, to full nude erotica, we will shoot you as YOU request. Some couples want to act out or imply a sex act, while other are more interested in real sex acts. Again, the only difference is wether we see genitalia or not. For non penetrative sex acts, what you do is at your discretion.

As far as sexual content, we want to make your dreams come true.

Whatever that looks like to you, we will do our best to execute it!

Just ask!

We will move around the entire 535SF studio, ensuring you have a mix of lighting, moods, and colours. If there is an area you don't want to shoot in, just say! Sessions can also take place in one studio area if you wish. I have the ability to guide you through tricks and poses you feel comfortable doing, making sure your face, feet, chest and arms all look as they should.

First, tenth, or hundredth, time being photographed - it can sometimes prove to be difficult to know what to do while in front of a camera. I am here to help! Rather than feeling awkward, drawing blanks as to how to position both limbs and face, you are gently led through the experience by a professional-ME! I clearly communicate instructions, with simple and concise language that anyone can understand and follow. More than that, I doesn’t just tell, I show, performing the pose for you while explaining it, ensuring that nothing is lost in translation, and making minor adjustments as needed. This way, the client feels confident that the image being created shows up as best as possible, and remains worry free about what they may look like. Guided posing eliminates any fear that one might not be capturing their best angles on camera due to anxiety, inexperience, or anything in between. If you two feel uncomfortable or don't like a pose for any reason, we won't do it. Simply say " I don't think I like that idea" and we will move on! We also take requests if there is something you'd like to try from our other images!

KINK SHOOTS: We are completely comfortable shooting your kink-just ask before your session so we know! This is a judgement free zone. Feet? Sure. Nipple sucking? You bet. BDSM? OBVIOUSLY!

Toys and props are also welcome!

IMPLIED NUDE: Implied nude shots will include images of you either topless, or bottomless. Bottomless shots are only posed when the crotch area is covered. Implied nude shots will include images of you either topless, or full nude, posed to hide your nipples and intimate areas. Some clients wear bottoms, or nothing, and only pose when their areas are covered.

Implied poses with your partner often include having your partner's hand(s) or body covering your nipples/crotch.

SEMI-FULL NUDE: Semi-Full nude shots will include images of you semi or full nude-topless and bottomless. We will shoot genitalia and full-chest. We cover the crotch area at your discretion. Shooting erotica includes full genitalia, if you wish.

THE RED ROOM Our Red Room is an add on, including a black room, complete with a wall of BDSM props, red silk sheets, candles, and red mood lighting.

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