Boudoir F.A.Q.

Can I still shoot my session if I got my period?

Yes! This is no problem at all!

Will my sensative images end up online/public?

NO! Final images are sent with a release form. This form allows you to indicate if you'd like images to remain private. Options range from fully private (no images posted/sent anywhere but to the client), to partial image release (select images may be shared online), and full release (all images allowed to share online). See the form Partial Release or Full Release forms.

What is your turn around time for final images?

48 Hours for proofs. 14 days for final images (from the date you finalize your selections).

Do you have experience posing and working with plus-sized bodies?

All bodies are welcome! Not only that, but yes, we have plenty of experience working with plus sized individuals. The client closet also has plus-sized options in stock.

I have never shot boudoir before. Will I look awkward?

I will pose/coach you the whole time! I promise you will look comfortable and stunning in your photos, even if this is your first time. I have a blog post about Losing Your Boudoir Virginity.

Can I add Polaroids? 

Polaroids MUST be booked in advance to ensure I have film in stock. This includes adding additional Polaroid images to your Polaroid session.

Will you shoot me 100% nude?

Yes. I'm comfortable shooting any content you would like, so long as you want to. I see naked women all of the time, and your nipples and vagina won't scare me!

Can my boyfriend watch?

Yes, however I do recommend you bring a FRIEND instead of a S/O, as  I feel it adds to the experience. However, you are free to bring whoever makes you comfortable. I want you to feel safe.

Can I send you outfit options?

Absolutely! However, each session starts with a consultation where you show me your options, and go through my closet before we choose your looks.

How far in advance should I book?

For travel dates, book ASAP. If I don't have enough bookings, I will cancel 2 weeks out. To ensure I will come to your city, book ASAP. For Medicine Hat, I typically have openings within 2-3 weeks of your inquiry to book.

Can I donate client closet items?

Please do! And I'll give you an extra treat!