Boudoir F.A.Q.


What is a deposit? How much is it?

A $100 deposit is a non-refundable fee, paid towards your session total. This payment confirms your time slot will be held for you, and will no longer be open for another booking. For this reason, any sessions confirmed will have 24 hours to pay their deposit, before the time slot is back available to be booked by someone else.


How does the deposit work on a payment plan?

The first $100 paid towards your session will be taken as the deposit. For example, if your payments are $80 monthly, the first months payment, and $20 of the second would be considered the deposit, and would be non-refundable.

How can I make payments and pay the deposit? When is the deposit due?

Send your deposit/payments via e-transfer, or pay credit card, cash, or check. Any sessions confirmed will have 24 hours to pay their deposit, before the time slot is back available to be booked by someone else.

Are there situations where my deposit is refundable?

Studio NOVA will refund deposits, as well as any payments made, should we need to cancel your session for any reason.

What if I need to cancel my session after I've paid a deposit?

Your $100 non-refundable deposit will roll over to ONE rescheduled date if you give a minimum 2 weeks notice prior to your session date. Clients who reschedule their date within 2 weeks of their session date will need to pay a new $50 deposit. 

Do I qualify for a payment plan?

Everyone who books automatically qualifies for a payment plan, no matter how far away/soon your session is, how much it will total to, and how much you can afford to pay.

How often do I make payments on a payment plan? How many payments will I make?

Payment plans are custom to what you can afford, but range from $50-$175 per payment. Payments may be monthly, or bi-weekly. Typically payments are divided between the weeks/months until your session.


How do I book? What is the process?
Fill out our BOOKING FORM here. Once your session (and payment plan, if requested) has been confirmed via email, send your deposit, or first payment to, or contact that address to arrange another form of payment (credit card, cash, check). If on a payment plan, your email confirmation will provide you details and options. Your confirmation will have a Boudoir Guide attached for info on how to prepare and what to expect during your session. You will be sent an invoice and receipt for all payments made, so you always know what you owe. We are always just an email away for further questions!


How do I know my session is confirmed?
You will first receive an email confirmation after you fill out the booking form. You then have to send your deposit to secure the session. No sessions are considered confirmed until a deposit has been paid.

Can I add images, products and services after or prior to my session?

Yes, however it's best to give us as much of a heads up as possible, as we may have a booking in addition to you during the day, and additional services like makeup may add time to your booking. We will always say yes if the schedule allows it! You may always add/upgrade packages if you wish to purchase more images or products.


Do you have experience posing and working with a range of body types?

Yes, and no session will differ due to your body type. All clients are shot the same, with the exception of anything the client requests to include or not include.

How do you ensure I won’t look awkward in photos? My face or my body.

We have years of experience, and have tricks to ensure you will look (and feel) comfortable in every image. Trust that we will speak up and guide you where we see fit!

Can I shoot 100% naked?

We will shoot clients however they request.

Can my friend/partner come with me?

You may bring along one person if you wish! We want you to feel comfortable and will never say no. We do however, suggest bringing a friend rather than a partner.

Do I HAVE to be naked? Can I wear lingerie in all of the images?

We will shoot clients however they request.


What size items do you offer?

We cannot guarantee what sizes will be readily available (laundry, previous clients, etc), but we do carry xs-xxl.

How does it work?

Clients will be given the option of using the client closet, and don't need to bring lingerie if they do not have any. We ask that clients bring a thong to wear underneath, so it can remain hidden.

Is this hygienic?

Yes! We ask that clients bring a thong to wear underneath items, so it can remain hidden. Just like trying on swimsuits at the store, we ask that you keen your undergarments on for hygienic purposes!

Can I see what you have available to use?

We are developing a series of videos to showcase what is available.

Can you ensure the item I want to use will be available?

We cannot guarantee what items/sizes will be readily available (laundry, previous clients, etc), but we do carry xs-xxl.